• Many people have a prescription option that costs more than their actual prescriptions each month.  Asking your pharmacist what the retail cost of your prescription(s) is before selecting a plan may influence your plan selection.

  • A deductible is the amount you pay for health care services before your health insurance company or health care plan begins to pay for eligible services. 

  • Coinsurance is the dollar percentage you and the insurance company pays, up to a capped amount, before the insurance company begins paying 100% for eligible charges incurred.  The higher your deductible and your coinsurance percentage, the lower the cost of the plan.  You must not forget about your out of pocket exposure when selecting an insurance plan.  While a plan's monthly premium may appear very affordable, the cost you incur when using the plan, may not be.

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Coccia Insurance Services, LLC is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of individuals seeking insurance for their business, personal or family needs. 

  • I will thoroughly explain the differences in the products offered by insurance carriers

  • I will explain the sometimes confusing aspects of health insurance and healthcare reform

  • I will take the time to make sure you have a thorough understanding of your product selection so that there are no surprises when using your coverage

  • I have over 29 years in the health insurance field.  I understand the affordability challenges we face purchasing health insurance.  It is expensive and something we hope we never have to use.  My goal is to make sure I help you select the most appropriate plan from a benefit and financial standpoint.

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Coccia Insurance Services, LLC

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  Physicians are credentialed by insurance carriers individually.  There is a possibility not every physician in a group practice is a member of

  of the same carrier network.  For example, you have an appointment with Dr. Jones and he or she is called out of the office that day on an

  emergency.  If you are advised Dr. Smith can see you, ask if Dr. Smith is in your particular plan network.  If Dr. Smith is not a member of your

  plan network, your office visit may be coded as an out of network visit.